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At NZ Self Storage Consultants, Andy offers expert advice and professional guidance for individuals and businesses interested in creating their own self-storage systems. Andy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, making him your reliable partner for all self-storage ventures.

Meet Andy

Andy, the driving force behind NZ Self Storage Consultants, is a professional with a Bachelor of Business Studies specializing in Property Management and Valuation. With a Diploma in Finance and Small Business from Massey University, his educational background lays a solid foundation for understanding the self-storage industry.

With an illustrious career at Bayley’s Real Estate, spanning 27 years, Andy was a leading Commercial and Industrial Broker. During this time, he successfully sold 14 self-storage complexes of varying sizes, ranging from 100 to 1000 units and built is first storage complex, a 250 unit in Fairy Springs Rotorua, which is now owned by National Storage facility.

Andy's expertise extends beyond self-storage projects; he has been involved in various commercial, industrial, and residential developments. Recently, he transformed an existing building into a two-level complex with 280 units, complete with a lift system. Also, in 2020, he acquired an existing complex and doubled the income over a 2 year period

Easy Storage facilities

Our Services:

For those embarking on new self-storage building projects, I offer the following services:

For those embarking on new self-storage building projects, we offer the following services:

  • Site Identification and Demographics: I conduct thorough analyses to identify prime locations with high demand and the right demographics for your self-storage facility.
  • Concept Plans, Construction Costs, and Feasibility Studies: I can develop comprehensive concept plans, provide accurate construction cost estimates, and conduct thorough feasibility studies to ensure a successful venture.
  • Negotiating Sale and Purchase Agreements and Construction Agreements: I can bring my negotiation expertise to the table to secure the best deals on property purchases and construction agreements.
  • Software, Website, and Marketing: I can guide you in choosing the right management software, creating a user-friendly website, and implementing effective marketing strategies to attract customers.

For existing self-storage complexes, we offer the following services:

  • Property Sourcing: Utilizing my extensive network and market knowledge, we help identify potential properties for expansion or investment in existing self-storage facilities.
  • Property Valuation: Rely on my expertise to accurately value potential properties, providing insights into its potential worth and areas for improvement.
  • Revenue Optimization: I conduct a comprehensive analysis of potential properties to identify opportunities for value addition and revenue growth, optimizing your return on investment.
  • Purchasers' Agent: If you're considering purchasing a self-storage property, I can act as your trusted purchasers' agent, guiding you through the acquisition process to ensure a successful transaction.

At NZ Self Storage Consultants, I am passionate about the self-storage industry and are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Contact me today to explore the vast opportunities this thriving market has to offer with our expert guidance and support.

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What can I store in my unit?

If it fits in the unit you can store it. From general home appliances, furniture, sports gear, and work equipment, to documents and files. We also offer solutions for vehicles, boats and other engine units.

How soon can I move in?

If we have storage units available you are able to move in today.

Can anyone else access my storage unit?

No, only you are allocated the code for the gate .

How soon and what do I have to pay?

Payment has to be for one month and is in advance. You pay when you sign up. There is no bond or deposit.

How much notice must be given when I no longer need my storage?

If you need to move out prior to a full month and request to be refunded, we require two week’s notice upon moving out.

Is there anything I can’t store?

  • Hazardous materials such as explosive and inflammable goods
  • Perishable items which could decompose, i.e. exposed foodstuffs
  • Living items such as animals and plants
  • Stolen or illegal goods such as drugs, firearms, etc